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  • Child accident statistics have not been collected in the UK since 2002, making it extremely difficult to develop effective child safety policies and initiatives. This article examines the reasons behind the data cessation and looks at ongoing campaigns to reintroduce the collection of child accident statistics.

  • There has been a rise in the number of child accidents at school in the UK over the past year, particularly among primary school children. This HSE report comes at a time when child safety is being debated, in terms of how many restrictions schools should impose in the name of child safety.

  • Sally Ann Sutton has received an award for bravery at the National Police Bravery Awards after saving a baby from an attack by a vicious Rottweiler.

  • In a gruesome child injury case, a four-year-old girl from South Wales suffered horrific wounds to her face and body after a vicious attack by three neopolitano mastiffs.

  • A two-year-old was left with serious facial injuries after a friend’s Staffordshire bull terrier attacked her.

Children’s accidents can lead to Children Injury Claims